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how can i improve my computer’s performance

how can i improve my computer's performance

To improve your computer performance you can do several tasks including cleaning up the junk files on your computer. I will mention some simple to-do tasks that will speed up and improve the performance of my computer. If I will tell you the truth I have multiple systems of mine. The new one with Ryzen 7 on it is very fast still I am using a 12-year-old i3 computer to write this very article and it is working perfectly. Although it can not manage a lot of tasks together like my Ryzen one.

how can I improve my computer’s performance?

To improve my computer performance I clean it up on a weekly basis. For cleaning up a computer I have already written several articles on this Website and links to those articles will be mentioned at the end of this article. In this article, We will see the kinds of things we can do to improve computer performance.

There is a separate article for every point to do in detail and this one we will see step 1

Check if you have the latest updates for Windows and device drivers

make sure you have the latest updates for Windows and device drivers. To get the most out of your computer/laptop/pc you need to have the latest version of windows on it along with the driver’s update. If any of the drivers are not updated then it may also cause performance issues. When you check for updates your computer will also search for the latest drivers update. To do so follow the instructions below-

  • Press Win+R together for the Run dialogue to appear.  ( press and hold the windows key on your keyboard and now press the alphabet “R” on your keyboard then leave both keys and a Run box will appear)
  • Now type in “Control”.
  • Press ok or hit the enter key. By doing that control panel will appear. On the right top of the control panel, you have the option to view by. Make sure it is set on “small icons” options to see all options in the control panel at once.
  • Now see the bottom of that list you have an option of “Windows update”. Click on it.

On the left pane click “check for updates” or you have this option in the very middle of the Windows update box. Click on that now it will search for all the latest updates. Then it will also download these updates. you can manually install them or when it prompts you just need to restart the computer.

Do not turn off the computer when it is taking the updates during the restart process. It may take a while.

how can I improve my computer’s performance with cleanup and other tricks

There are the pre-written article’s on this very website for cleaning up and disk cleanup. Here i will give the links to the other article for improving the performance of your computer/pc/laptop-




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